Tour Of Western Turkey

And The 7 Churches of Revelation


This two-part documentary is about Steve and Jason Bader's journey through western Turkey. Accompanied by a group of fellow Redeemer's Seminary students, their travels took them to many famous ancient sites, including the 7 Churches of the book of Revelation.
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Part 1

Witness to Antiquity

Part 1 is devoted to ancient sites important to history but not referred to in the book of Revelation. Includes sites in Istanbul (Constantinople), Troy and Aphrodisias. Emphasis is on Christian history where possible, especially Hagia Sophia.

Part 2

Witness to Revelation

Part 2 is devoted to the seven churches of Revelation. All seven ancient cities are reviewed; although only four of the seven have been extensively excavated: Sardis, Laodicea, Pergamum and Ephesus. Also includes Hierapolis where the tomb of Philip was recently discovered and the Grotto of St. Paul in Ephesus (which is not open to the public).

* Photography, narration, script, and videography by Jason Bader and Steve Bader

* Editing, original soundtrack, sound, and visual effects work by Jordan McGehee